Your streaming Year in Review

Like “Spotify Wrapped” but for Netflix/Amazon/Hulu

To see a breakdown of all the shows and movies you watched in 2023, upload your viewing history file.*

How to get your viewing history file

Get Netflix viewing history

  1. Go to Netflix
  2. Click your Profile picture in the top right corner and choose “Account”
  3. Scroll down to “Profile and Parental Controls”
  4. Click your Profile to expand
  5. Click “Viewing activity”
  6. Scroll to the bottom and click “Download all”
  7. Upload the resulting CSV file here.
  1. Go to Amazon Privacy Central
  2. In the dropdown box, select “Prime Video”
  3. Click “Submit request”
  4. They will email you a zip file of your data. It takes about one day.
  5. Download and unzip the file
  6. Locate the PrimeVideo.ViewingHistory/ directory
  7. Locate the PrimeVideo.ViewingHistory.csv file and upload it here.

Note: Hulu provides a PDF, which is not friendly for this app. But if you are willing to do some manual cleanup, you can try to upload the result here. No promises though!

  1. Go to Hulu > Account > Privacy
  2. Under “Your US State Privacy Rights: Right to Know”, click “Request report”
  3. Download the PDF they send you.
  4. Use Tabula or another PDF parser to parse it into a CSV. Make sure to specify only the page range that contains your watch history. Here's an example Tabula command:
    java -jar tabula-1.0.5-jar-with-dependencies.jar -l --pages 25-58 Downloads/rtk-report-153151153.pdf -o hulu-lattice-ru.csv
  5. Some show titles may span two lines and thus create linebreaks in the CSV file, making it invalid. You will need to clean these up manually.
  6. Upload the resulting file here.

* Privacy notice: we do not store any of your data. In fact, your data never even leaves your device. It is all processed locally in your web browser.